As companies around the world are forced to telecommute due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  many people are struggling with the reality of working from home for extended periods of time.  

However, despite this struggle to adjust, experts believe that there will be a permanent shift towards a more virtual lifestyle. 

This hypothesis may stem from a belief that avoiding the stress of commuting to an office will free up more time and energy for employees to invest in productive work.  We may have inadvertently solved the issue of in-office distractions, but consider the problems that arise from working at home.  

Distractions and Interruptions, still exist but in a new working environment with increasing workloads and pressures. 

Overall effects are the resulting levels of your performance, productivity, and creativity.  

Research suggests that working from home makes you better at some tasks, but there is a noticeable impact on your ability to be productive.  

So, what can you do to boost your productivity? 

1. Plan your work strategically. 

You know yourself best, so try to plan your day in a way that makes sense for your working environment.  

Set up a dedicated workspace in your home or change your environment throughout the day to mitigate distractions or boredom. 

2. Stay Connected

It is critical to maintain contact and collaborate with colleagues. This will keep you from feeling isolated and will boost your creativity. 

It's important to set up regular meetings with your team to discuss the status of projects, but it's equally important to schedule discussions for general catch-ups and updates. 

3. Take Breaks.

Taking breaks is essential when working virtually. Not only can it be beneficial for breaking up your day at home, but studies show that breaks, particularly breaks outside, “allows for the free flow of ideas.” 

This could be an excellent time to think about a problem you're struggling with or come up with new ideas.  

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