There are many different types of meetings - virtual, in-person, group, one-to-one.  Performance Discussions, Project updates, budget reviews, planning, brainstorming, problem-solving.  So many different reasons to come together to collaborate. There are different sets of skills and processes for different meetings - different outcomes and expectations. 

 There are just as many causes of ineffective meetings.  Here are the most common causes we see -  Outcomes and agendas not identified, agenda too large and unwieldy, wrong participants, follow-up actions too loose.  


 So many different considerations that it is hard to pinpoint the exact solutions. There are many considerations. Here are three things I think you to consider to begin and achieve more effective meetings. 

 1. Build an Agenda. The act of building an agenda is essential to planning.  It is planning in a nutshell. What is the purpose of your meeting? What needs to be achieved with this meeting? Who should be included? Why? Where is the best forum to host the meeting? Why? How much time will we all need to achieve the purpose? 


 2. Consider the people you are inviting. Who should be there? Why? What is their role, or what contribution is needed from them? Why? Do you need their contribution for the full meeting? Or a portion?  


 3. Consider where it is taking place. Today the hybrid meeting is becoming the norm. Some contributors online, some in person.  Use a tool that works for all, meaning, if you host it online, can everyone in the room access the virtual room as well?  Consider how to engage everyone equally despite their physical location. As part of your preparation, consider the agenda and its details.  Would both types of contributors be able to engage and contribute meaningfully? 


And one more suggestion to help you pan better meetings - join us on October 20 & 22 when we collaboratively, online learn new skills and apply them right away to your real meetings. 


Want More Help Planning Successful Meetings?

Consult with one of our learning solutions experts or register for our WorkingSm@rt in Meetings Workshop where we'll help you through the planning process you need to build your Meeting Strategy, including your Hybrid meetings. 


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