Studies show our work is interrupted every 11 minutes.


This directly impacts on our ability to remain productive and make headway towards our goals.

While some people believe that things like social media and coffee breaks affect our ability to get things done, here's what actually impacts our productivity the most:

  • Incoming notifications
  • Meeting requests
  • Last-minute tasks

Our technology tools are beeping, dinging, buzzing every time someone or something tries to reach us.

Then, we get so wrapped up in everything that's new, that we get distracted from the things we were working on. 

The Solution?

Schedule focus time in your calendar.

Top 10 Habits of Productive People – True Citrus

What Is Focus Time?

This is a period of uninterrupted time in your day for you to get things done.

When you block this time out in your calendar, your office mates can't schedule meetings that may interrupt your workflow or assign last-minute tasks that may derail your progress.

During this time, you should also mute your notifications completely. This will lessen the urgency of new requests and allow you the space to tackle your to-do list for the day.


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