What's The Difference?  

9-91729_technology-graphic-showing-different-kinds-of-technology-technologyThere are so many learning resources out there, that sometimes it's hard to figure out which one works best for you.  

Do you need a virtual learning session with a live facilitator to answer questions and support?  

Or do you prefer a resource available at your own pace and your own time?  

When it comes to your learning and development, we want you to find what works for you -- that's why this week, we're breaking down the differences between Live Virtual Training and Self-Paced Learning! 

 What Is Live Virtual Facilitation? 

Live virtual facilitation is a session where a skilled facilitator leads a group of individuals remotely in real-time via a video conferencing tool like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. While participants may join from various locations, virtual facilitation occurs synchronously and functions to help a small group of participants achieve the desired result.   

Virtual facilitators lead people through learning processes, assist in the development of understanding, and help improve engagement and collaboration. The greatest facilitators help teams work towards their targeted objectives in a disciplined manner by applying trusted facilitation strategies and methodologies. 

 Some benefits are: 

  • Increased productivity due to the absence of commute time 
  • There's no need to be concerned about meeting logistics. 
  • Create a welcoming environment for people of various personalities. 
  • Avoid disruptions at all costs. 
  • Make sure that everyone feels heard. 

What Is Self-Paced Learning? 

Self-paced learning is a style of learning in which the student has complete control over the amount of material and time required to master the material. It differs from other learning approaches in that the learner has complete control over what and when they learn. 

There is no predetermined timeframe for self-paced courses. In fact, they are all about adaptability. In contrast to synchronous learning, the learner does not need to be online at the same time as the teacher (if one exists). The learner may access all of the course materials as soon as the course begins, and they can go at their own pace. 

The Hybrid Learning Experience

Each learning style comes with it's own benefits to fit your needs. But, what happens if you need a more personalized approach? 

What if you need a hybrid experience that integrates a live virtual learning session, self-directed learning, and one-on-one coaching to assist you within your own schedule?

Let's say you want to develop your team's skills to really engage and make behavioral change and impact performance -- and need a learning model that includes live virtual facilitation, self-paced learning, one-on-one coaching, and small group coaching to build consistency of application within your organization? 

At Priority Learning Development, we believe in tailoring your learning experience to you. That's why in addition to live facilitation and self-paced learning, we offer personalized hybrid learning experiences that many consider a great approach to their learning plan.

This type of blended experience where many forms of learning are used together to achieve desired objectives is very popular and have proven to reach great success within many organizations. 

 Some benefits are: 

  • Higher knowledge retention and inductive thinking support 
  • It is appropriate for a variety of learning styles. 
  • Learners have the option of working at their own pace. 
  • There is no need to plan ahead. 

At the end of the day, there's no "right" learning tool. It's all about what best suits you and your needs.

Whether you prefer self-paced learning, live virtual training, or a hybrid learning experience, Priority Learning and Development can help!  

Want To Find What Works For You?

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We can't wait to help you find a better way to work.  

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